Thunder Band News 4/17/2018

As we approach the end of the school year, there are lots of things happening to prepare for next year. Please pay close attention to information about ensemble and marching band auditions as it comes out in the next few weeks.

If you have a graduating senior, we will remove you from the email list at the end of the school year. We realize there will be a lot of information that doesn’t apply to your student, but there will be the occasional important item like tonight’s band concert.

In This Issue

  • 2018 Marching Band Registration
  • Band Concert TONIGHT
  • Drumline and Pit Auditions TOMORROW
  • Drum Major Sectionals and Auditions
  • Color Guard Auditions
  • Clothing Drive Fundraiser
  • Welcome Home, Color Guard
  • Upcoming Events

2018 Marching Band Registration

Registrations for marching band are now past due. If you were planning to register for marching band next year, please complete your registration immediately. All steps except the physical should be completed today. Physical are due by June 1.

To finish any incomplete registration steps, go to

Band Concert TONIGHT

The Westlake spring band concert is tonight at 7:00 PM in the Westlake auditorium. We look forward to seeing you for one of our final performance this year.

Drumline and Pit Auditions TOMORROW

Drumline and pit auditions are tomorrow beginning at 3:00 PM. Auditions should take about 90 minutes, followed by passing out music and information. Students will be done at 6:00 PM.

Drum Major Sectionals and Auditions

For those auditioning for drum major, sectionals are being held on Wednesday and Friday from 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Drum major auditions will be held next week.

Students who need drum major audition materials should either contact Staylee Koller or reply to this email and ask for a copy of the drum major audition materials.

Color Guard Auditions

Color guard auditions are being held on Friday, April 27, at 4:00 PM.

Clothing Drive Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who participated in the clothing drive fundraiser.

Welcome Home, Color Guard

Welcome home to our open guard from their trip to Dayton, Ohio, for the WGI color guard world championships.

Upcoming Events

  • April 17 – 7:00 PM – Spring band concert
  • April 18 – 3:00 PM – Drumline / pit auditions
  • April 19 – 7:00 PM – Talent show
  • April 25 – 3:00 PM – Drumline / pit rehearsal
  • April 28 – State solo and ensemble
  • May 1 – 7:00 PM – Marching band step-off meeting
  • May 2 – Winter guard family banquet
  • May 4 – State concert band festival