Thunder Band News 2/19/2018

In This Issue

  • Winter Guard Competition Help
  • Uniform Organization Help Needed
  • New Parent Letter
  • Rose Parade Pictures and DVD
  • Booster Meeting Minutes
  • Upcoming Events

Winter Guard Competition Help

Our winter guard program is hosting a competition at Westlake High School on March 17. This is a large event that requires a lot of volunteers to keep it running smoothly. We still have plenty of spots for volunteers.

Setup begins on Friday, March 16, and time slots are available for a variety of needs all day on Saturday, March 17. Please take a look at the signup and see where you can help!


Uniform Organization Help Needed

The marching band uniforms need to be organized before being sent to the cleaners. We will be working on this on Monday, February 26, at 9:00 AM. If you are available to help with this, please contact Tawnya Mayo at


New Parent Letter

At last year’s step-off meeting, we handed out a “new parent letter” with information for new marching band parents. We would like to update this before handing it out again this year.

Last year’s letter is attached to this email. If you have items that you feel would be helpful to new parents and should be included in this year’s letter, please send them to Charlotte Ducos at


Rose Parade Pictures and DVD

We have received the Rose Parade pictures and DVDs and were expecting to give them to band directors to be distributed to students after our most recent booster meeting, but decided not to due to a lack of protective packaging. We have ordered the needed packaging and will let you know when they are on their way home.


Booster Meeting Minutes

The minutes from our most recent band booster meeting are on the web site.


Upcoming Events

  • February 19 – State pep band (Jazz Band)
  • February 21 – Westlake solo and ensemble festival
  • March 1 – Region jazz festival (Lone Peak High School)
  • March 3 – Music For All western regional concert band festival (University of Utah)
  • March 13 – Region solo and ensemble festival (American Fork High School)


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